Partner Workout

Working out with a partner can be a fun and motivating experience.  It also spices up traditional boot camp exercises such as squats and planks.

I like to start a difficult workout with a fun warm-up.  You can also use the warm-up games for partnering during the workout.  Instead of choosing your partner; you become partners with the person you end up with in the warm-up.  This increases the chances of making new friends, working with different people, and having everyone feel included.

For the body of the workout, I set up a large oval and have stations that students rotate through every minute.  I leave them at each station for a bit over a minute because it takes them a bit to get started.  Emphasize starting the exercise right away so that their heart rate stays elevated and so that they get a full minute of exercising at each station.  After students have completed a full rotation of the circuit, give them a water break, and then start the circuit again (switching positions when necessary).

You can also run the workouts so that everyone is performing the same exercises at the same time.

I have finished the workouts with a few partner stretches.  Feel free to add in additional stretches for muscles that need it.

I hope you enjoy!  And please let me know if you have any other partner warm-ups, exercises, or stretches that would be good for a PE class.

Partner Workout

Partner Workout #2

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