Track Workout

We are lucky to have a rubber-surface track right across from our school.  This type of facility is excellent year round because it is easy on joints, stays clean (not muddy like the trails), and has the added bonus of bleachers – an additional place to workout!  It is also free, you don’t need to bring any equipment with you, it’s a switch up from regular PE classes, and it introduces students to a community facility.

Below you will find a link for a track and bleacher workout.  There are quite a few ideas to pick and choose from.

Chain Run

I start the class with an activity or two that uses the entire track – jogging a lap, chain run, relays, etc.

We then move to a straight stretch to work on things like relays, sprints, walking lunges, and skipping.  Most exercises require going hard one way and then walking or jogging back to the start.  Sometimes I will also include partner activities.  If someone does not want to do those I give them the option to run to a point that I choice and back.  If they do it, they will switch positions on the way back.


Next we head to the bleachers.  Here I get students to pair up.  Much like the arena workout, I will give one partner instructions on the stairs and another partner stationary cardio or strength exercises.  Ex. Partner 1 touch every second step up twice and Partner 2 do push-ups using the bleacher seat or handrail.  Once Partner 1 has gone up and down the stairs twice they switch; alternating so that both partners do three sets of each exercise.  When they are done they wait for everyone else in the class to be done and then I give the next instructions.  I encourage students to walk down the stairs for safety reasons, and if I notice that there is quiet a difference in ability, I will designate certain stairways for people who want to go hard, another set of stairs for people who are going medium, etc.  That way stairways don’t get backed up.

If we have time, I will give free time to work on whatever they like – walk the track, jog the track, sprints, exercises in the bleachers.  I encourage them to ask questions if they don’t know how to accomplish what they would like to do – example – “What exercises can I do to target my butt more?”2703D665-F0CF-40F9-8CD3-1F1359A786E6

We then do a group stretch incorporating railings, stairs, etc.

If you have any track or bleacher exercises that you would like to share, please comment or send me an email.  Thanks and have fun!

Track and Bleacher Workout

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