Jump Rope

Jumping rope is an excellent cardiovascular exercise that is inexpensive, portable, and can improve coordination and cognitive function.  If possible, find a soft surface and a rope with some weight to it.  This makes it easier on the joints, provides a better workout, and helps the jumper be more aware of where the rope is – causing less mistakes such as tripping.

You can use skipping exercises for one station in a circuit workout, as a warm-up, as a way to mix in some fun and novel games, or you can focus an entire class on it.  To increase the intensity of the workout you can increase the weight of the rope, skill difficulty, duration (more jumping and less resting), and pace.

The attached lesson provides at least one class worth of jump rope activities: Jump Rope Workout.  Please comment or email me if you have any jump rope activities that you would like to share.


jump rope

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