Women’s Health Assignment

This is a very broad assignment that allows students to focus on a women’s health issue that interests them.  I find that students are very engaged in this assignment because they often pick a topic that has affected them or a family member; making them very knowledgeable and invested in the topic.

I will book a class in the computer lab and give students the assignment: Women’s Health Assignment

We will then go over what content I am looking for, how they will be assessed, and my example assignment.  I emphasize keeping information as local as possible.  If someone in our class was dealing with this issue; where could they go for help?  I’ll then ask students to take a look at the suggested topics, but also let them know that other issues may be okayed if there is something else that they would like to present.  We then go down the list of topics and students raise their hand if they would like that subject.  If more than one student wants the same topic, I have them choose a number – the closest one to the number I have chosen gets it.

If students work efficiently, they can complete the assignment in one class.  The following week I will pick a day for oral presentations.  We keep it very informal.  Students can stay where they are/don’t have to come up to the front of the class.  They will present their topic, other students can ask questions if they like, and we will discuss.  Depending on the size of the class, presentations may take longer than one block.

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