First Aid

Basic first aid is a required learning outcome in some physical education classes; and teaching first aid to your class can save a life.  Introducing students to first aid can make them more confident, more willing and able to help others, and allow them to stay calm in an emergency situation.  Basic first aid training can also encourage students to make better and safer decisions in their own lives.

Below, you will find a PowerPoint, worksheet, and worksheet answers to a basic first aid and CPR lesson based on information from the Canadian Red Cross (2017).  If you have the time and the equipment (ex. CPR manikin), spend time on practicing various situations, watch more videos, and cover more topics (ex. slings, heat-related emergencies, etc.).

If you or your students are especially interested in first aid and CPR, I highly recommend the St. John Ambulance Schools Program.  There are programs for students six years old and up, materials are supplied, and students can gain valuable training and certification for minimal cost – a big draw for many teenagers building a resume.  The training to teach the course is also simple and valuable to all teachers.

Introduction to Basic First Aid

First Aid Worksheet