Partner Yoga

Group Chair Pose

Yoga has long been recognized as an excellent way to exercise the body and mind.  However, it can sometimes be difficult to teach yoga in a PE class as some students find it difficult or uncomfortable to concentrate on their own breath, body, and mind.  Partner yoga allows students to transition into participating in yoga in a fun and positive environment.  It is not necessary to emphasize complete silence and perfect form, but to instead concentrate on communication, trust, kindness, fun, living in the present moment, and connecting with others.  Approaching yoga in this way allows more people to enjoy their first yoga experience and increases the chance that they will take their practice to the next level, whatever that may be.

All groups are different, so it is important to read the group you are working with.  Start with beginner poses and increase the difficulty level as you see fit.  This will establish trust and allow partners to feel safe working with each other.  Encourage your group to smile, experiment, and work from an unguarded, non-judgemental place.  Also recognize that not everyone is comfortable with touch and give modifications and alternatives if someone does not feel comfortable with a particular pose.  Click on the link for the lesson: Partner Yoga Lesson

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