Minute To Win It

Minute to Win It inspired games are a lot of fun and only require a small amount of space.  They are a great team-building activity, novel, and everyone is on an equal playing field.  A lot of the games also help work on skill-related components of fitness such as reaction time and coordination.

Halloween Minute to Win It Board

When I play with my class, I have them divide themselves into teams of five or so.  They give themselves a team name and I put it into the chart on the board that has all of the names of the games that we will be playing (usually seven or so).  I let them know that everyone must participate once before someone has a second turn.  I then tell them what the first challenge is and someone from each group will volunteer to participate.  I will put the Minute to Win It timer on the smartboard and students will attempt the challenge one by one.  If they complete the task in a minute or less, they earn a point for their team.  I make note of what team went first, second, etc. and then make sure that we switch it up every round to keep things fair – you may pick up tips if you get to go last every time!

I have created lessons for a regular Minute to Win It, as well as a Halloween Theme, and a Christmas theme.  Your local dollar store should have all of the equipment that you will need; and sometimes you will even see something else that inspires you to create your own game!  Check out the links below, and let me know if you have any fun Minute to Win It inspired games that would be good for a PE class.

Minute to Win It

Halloween Minute to Win It

Christmas Minute to Win It


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