Amazing Race

I created an Amazing Race inspired lesson for my classes last year.  It was a bit of set-up, but they really enjoyed it, and had a great workout running around and completing activities outside of the school.  Novel activities with a bit of competition are usually popular with students, so I was glad that this was fun, fostered teamwork, and was a great workout for them.

My Amazing Race student handouts can be found here: Amazing Race Student Handouts

“Baskets or Balls”

Rules for Students:

  1. Your entire team must stay together at all times
  2. You are not allowed in the school until directed to do so
  3. You must successfully complete a task before moving on to the next one
  4. Follow all traffic rules – cross roads in crosswalks, etc. Be safe!
  5. One person in each group will need a camera
  6. Do not litter
  7. Try your best – it is a race!
  8. No cheating!

Tips For Creating and Running Your Own Amazing Race:

  1. When I designed my race I had to keep in mind that I would be the only adult running it, and that I couldn’t be in more than one place at a time.  I based the first part of the race with me in the outdoor basketball court and had the students running back to me there several times, before I had them going to secretaries (which I had pre-approved with them), and then finally back to me in a different location.
  2. If you feel like students can make there own groups of four or so, feel free to do that.  I knew that if I let my PE 8 class do that, I would have had a group or two of slackers, so I made sure to pair up more competitive students with less competitive ones, so that they would get them moving faster.
  3. Just like the real Amazing Race, I gave students two task options on the detours, this is a big hit with them as they feel as though they have input into what they are doing
  4. Utilize what is around your school to create a more fun and diverse course – they also love being able to go off of the school grounds and it makes them have to run farther!
  5. I used a puzzle for one of my tasks – you can find cheap puzzles at your local dollar store.  I bought three different patterns and had them bring it back to me so that 1. I didn’t have to go over to the stadium after class to pick them up and 2. So that I knew that another team wasn’t using the same puzzle.
  6. One task involved getting a code by visiting different locations.  As you can see by my Roadblock cards, I had three different codes to make it harder for students to share information with each other.

I hope that this has helped you create a fun and challenging Amazing Race for your class.  Please leave any suggestions or ideas that you have.



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