Missed Class Assignment

If a student has missed a class they can make it up by completing one of these make up assignments:

This first assignment can be completed by completing a workout online or on DVD.  Emphasize that this should be a new workout – not one that they have already done.  It is a valuable assignment as it is often the first introduction a student has to online/DVD workouts; showing them that they can exercise for free and often with minimal equipment whenever they have some free time.  No gym fees, no expensive workout machines, and no scheduled classes.

Online or DVD Workout Assignment

The following make-up class can be used for any physical activity.  A student can only complete a form for a particular activity once, and I usually require that it is an activity that is supervised/they can prove that they did it.  Students can do a write-up for something that they already participate in (ex. dance class or rugby practice), or try something new.  Many businesses (gyms, martial arts studios, etc.) offer free drop-ins for new customers, so check out what is available for free in your area so that you can let students know.

Out-Of-Class Make-Up Form