Health and Wellness Map

One of the main goals in my class is to expose students to as many health and wellness activities as possible.  This way, students will have a better chance of finding an activity that they enjoy and will continue participating in in the future.  It also makes them feel more comfortable using community facilities on their own, adds variety, and increases field trips and guest instructors to the class – something students love.


The health and wellness map is a great assignment because students learn about new activities, can see which activities are close to their house/accessible to them, and get to share their knowledge with their peers.

I supply a list of ideas for the wellness map and students choose a business/activity/club/park that they would like to learn more about.  They include all of the information that someone interested in participating in the activity would like, and then we put all of the assignments around a map of our community and identify where they are located.  Please see below for the assignment handout.

Health and Wellness Map