Team Building Games

Team building games, or cooperative games, are an excellent addition to any physical education class.  They are a great activity to begin a semester with, but even more beneficial if you intersperse them throughout the course.  They develop leadership skills, increase self-confidence, build a sense of community, allow students to learn how to be a part of a team, and increase interpersonal skills.  It is important that you let students know why they are doing the activities, and what you are looking for – emphasize cooperation, communication, trust, and risk.tribune bay1

I recommend beginning with ice breaker games and eventually working up to activities that involve more trust and risk.  Below you will find an excellent team building unit from Jennifer Gruno, as well as several cooperative games that were shared with me by Dr. Sandra Gibbons and Dr. Viviene Temple.

You can also expand on these ideas by participating in team-building field trips, such as escape rooms or outdoor adventure centres.

Jennifer Gruno’s Team Building Unit

Cooperative Games – Gibbons and Temple