A surf trip is a luxury for schools that are located near the ocean, but if you have a chance to organize a class surfing trip I highly recommend it.  Field trips like these are often a highlight of the students’ school year, and offering trips like this can be a major reason for students to enroll in the

Getting outside and being in the ocean is not only great for physical health, but for mental health as well.  It is a lot of fun and students are so proud of themselves and their classmates when they catch a wave.  It is a great bonding experience, they aren’t being marked on their skill (so their is no pressure or comparisons), and some of them develop a new lifelong hobby that will contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

For liability reasons, we always use a reputable and insured surf school.  All classes begin on the beach with a lesson on wet suits, surfboards, ocean safety, surfing etiquette, and surfing technique.  All students must participate in the lesson; even if they are experienced surfers.  By the end of the class, most of them are hooked!surf10

If your school is near an area where you can surf, don’t let the cost scare you.  Many businesses will give a group discount; especially if you remind them that they will be receiving a lot of publicity and word of mouth advertising from local students.  There are also pretty good fundraising options which can make the field trip a possibility for most students.

I have also had students who don’t want to surf, but would still like to be a part of the trip.  They come along and take pictures, go for a walk, or play on the beach.  It is still a good experience for them and they get in on the bonding that a class trip like this creates.

I have attached an alternate assignment for student who do not participate in the surfing class: Surfing Assignment