Zumba is a fun workout that will make you sweat!  It is a dance aerobics class that also tones muscles, improves coordination, and helps to de-stress.  It originated in Colombia in the 1990s, and there are now more than fifteen million people around the world taking a Zumba class each week.

A21BBA54-BA0E-4BB2-B6BD-E261069D2E3CI have found that Zumba instructors love sharing their passion for the workout, and most of them insist on not charging to teach a PE class.   You can find local instructors at www.zumba.com.  You can also order DVDs from the website or find video workouts on YouTube.

Some choreography can be a bit fast at times, but I just encourage students to focus on their feet and add in the arm movements when they can.  You may also find that some instructors use more shimmying and shaking than others, so that may be something that you want to talk to them about before class.  I haven’t had a problem with my Women’s PE 11/12 classes, but some younger students or students in a coed class may feel uncomfortable.

Have fun!