Aquafit classes are an excellent low-impact lifelong activity that can improve muscular strength, build endurance, and increase flexibility.  It is usually a hit with students as it is a new activity for most (everyone is at the same “skill” level), students are happy to go on a field trip, and it is a bit of a novelty activity to them.

When I first started teaching PE I didn’t think that teenage girls would be interested in participating in “water aerobics” because of body image issues, and the assumption that it is an activity for older women.  I did however put the suggestion out to my class at the beginning of the semester, and literally every class that I have taught has chosen aquafit as one of their field trips.

Unless you are an aquafit instructor, you will need to hire somebody to teach your class.  Our local pool is very accommodating and are very interested in exposing students to their programs, so we end up paying about $2/student for a private class.  I always make sure to book the class for last period so that students can go home afterwards – this is very important to them! 🙂  .The first part of the class is a regular aquafit class with traditional water aerobics exercises.  The teacher then moves them to the deeper end of the pool for some deep water running exercises. If they work hard, their reward is some free time at the end of class to play on the slide or fun flotation devices, or to relax in the hot tub.

Overall, there are a lot of smiles, a good workout, and students are exposed to a community recreation facility.